A Beauty’s Plan (2024)


It tells the story of Empress Wang Yun Ci, who was murdered in the fire and reborn inside Jiang Jin Li’s body as the Princess Consort Duan because of an ancient jade. Her birthday just became her death day, and her brother-in-law also became her husband. At first, she mistakenly thought that Prince Duan murdered her for treason, so she was determined to seek revenge. However, she always felt concern and protection from Prince Duan. So let’s see how these two people with different intentions change, from using each other to giving heart and completing their long-cherished wishes while receiving love. Source: WeTV Singapore. ~~ Adapted from the web novel “Mou Ni” (谋逆) by Zhao Mian Mian (赵眠眠).

Also known as: The Rebel Empress Mei Ren Mou 美人謀


Status: Ongoing

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