Club Friday Season 16: Depression or Just Selfishness


He’s well aware of my illness, yet he endures it. He consistently takes great care of me, but I find myself continually digging up his past to hurt him. The more he remains silent, the worse my condition becomes. At times, I’ve even told him I wanted to harm myself just to instill fear in him. I resist seeking treatment because I believe that by remaining in this state, he will stay with me, never leaving my side. That’s why I persist in behaving in ways that cause him worry. I understand the situation, but I still can’t fathom why I act this way,

Director: Oh Kritsada Techanilobon

Also known as: Club Friday Season 16: Hot Love Issue Club Friday Season 16: Suem Sao Rue Rak Ao Tae Jai Club Friday the Series Hot Love Issue Rueang Rak Rueang Ron Ton Suem Sao Rue Rak Ao Tae Chai คลับฟรายเดย์เดอะซีรีส์ Hot Love Issue เรื่องรัก เรื่องร้อน ตอน ซึมเศร้าหรือรักเอาแต่ใจ


Status: Ongoing


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