Freckles (2022)


Since Kasumi became old enough to understand things, she didn’t know what love was and she doesn’t have any feelings of romance or attraction. Although she has worries about herself, she has lived at her own pace until she turned 30 years old. She studied at a music university, and she wanted to be a professional in music, however, she returns to her hometown and works at a call center. Due to her sister’s marriage and pregnancy, her mother often adds pressure on her, “Don’t you have a boyfriend?” or “You should try to find a steady boyfriend”. One day, her mother arranged a formal marriage arrangement without her permission. At the meeting table, she met a man who is also seeking just a friendship.

Director: Tamada Shinya

Also known as: Sobakasu Freckles


Status: Ongoing

Genres: ,

Starring: , , , , ,

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