House of the Owl


The story revolves around Ogami Ryutaro aka “The Owl”, a man who controls Japan from within the shadows, and his son Ogami Ryu , who counters his father as a “dark hero.” “The Owl” is Ogami Ryutaro, a mastermind who solves various scandals and sensational cases by covering them up or bringing them to light. Ogami Ryu upholds justice with a worldview very much different to his father, and he works behind the scenes in order to correct his father’s actions.

Director: Mori Yoshitaka, Ishii Yuya, Matsumoto Yusaku

Also known as: Fukuro to Yobareta Otoko Fukurou to Yobareta Otoko


Status: Ongoing


Starring: , , , , ,

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