Liars in Love (2024)


As soon as Zhou Yu, the heir of the Zhou Group, returns to China, he encounters Jiang Lai, a woman skilled in lying and disguising. To protect her snapdragon farm, which her father has rented out to the Zhou Group without her consent, Jiang Lai decides to pose as Zhou Yu’s never-before-seen fiancée to get close to him. During this period, Jiang Lai faces one identity crisis after another, encountering numerous difficulties. Will she be able to resolve them cleverly? On the other hand, Zhou Yu is deeply entangled in internal corporate struggles and inheritance disputes within the Zhou Group. What secret does he carry upon his sudden return to the country? As these two equally matched individuals meticulously advance their respective agendas, they unexpectedly begin a romance founded on lies. How will they confront their true feelings, break through layers of deception, and embrace each other? What secrets lie hidden beneath their identities?

Director: Wu Meng En

Also known as: Jin Yu Cao Zhi Lian Wu Fa Kang Ju De Huang Yan 金鱼草之恋 金魚草之戀 無法抗拒的謊言


Status: Ongoing

Genres: ,

Starring: , , , , ,

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