The Imposter


Ghostwriter Tu Cha Cha finds herself reluctantly penning love letters for Miss Wen to hide her romantic escapades. Unintentionally, Tu Cha Cha develops feelings for the letters’ recipient, Shen Bu Yan. In a bid to protect Shen Bu Yan from Miss Wen’s father’s schemes, Tu Cha Cha forms a makeshift family to dissuade him from pursuing Miss Wen. However, they soon fall into a trap laid by Miss Wen’s father, resulting in severe repercussions for their masquerade. Together, Tu Cha Cha, Shen Bu Yan, and their makeshift family navigate a web of deceit, uncovering a shocking conspiracy along the way.

Also known as: Ruo Yao Jun Bu Zhi


Status: Ongoing

Genres: , ,

Starring: , , , ,

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